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With Glutathione, Vitamin D3K2, Selenium & Zinc

Glutathione is body’s master antioxidant. It supports healthy ageing, detox of the liver and immunity.

We have added Phosphatidylcholine to our glutathione making it more available for our cell absorption.

Vitamin D  has a role in absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus. Maintaining normal function of the immune system, bones and teeth. Vitamin D has a role in the process of cell division. Together with calcium Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and bone development in children.

Taking Vitamins D and K together strengthens their respective effects and can also minimise the risk of supplementing with Vitamin D alone. Vitamin K helps guide Vitamin D into the bones and may reduce harmful calcium deposits in arteries, kidneys, and soft tissues.

Zinc’s biggest contributions are in DNA synthesis, PH metabolism, cognitive function, fertility and reproduction as well as metabolism of fatty acids. It is a huge boost to our immune system by protecting our cells from oxidative stress.

Selenium also protects our cells from oxidative stress , maintains healthy hair and nails and normal work of our thyroid.

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