Nia Pearl Necklace

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Riera Bisbe Pol, 101. 08350, Arenys de Mar. Barcelona, Spain
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If you are a fan of pearl, you will fall in love with our Nia Pearl Collection. Pearl jewelry is a symbol of purity, modesty and feminism. They have become the great protagonists of Luamarta. Not only are they elegant, fine and chic, but they are also a basic and essential accessory in any wardrobe.

We cannot deny that they are and will always be a trend. The necessary complement that we all must have. They have a classic style that goes beyond the traditional.

Without a doubt, Nia Pearl Necklace and Bracelet are ideal for those who prefer a more classy touch.


Material: Golden Steel

Finishes: 18K Gold Plated Silver

Natural pearl

Chain Length: 40 + 3 cm and 50 + 3 cm

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