Around Mrs-O

Around Mrs-O

      For Séverine Lagrange, it is undeniable that her grandmother did not leave indifferent the young woman she is today. When you hear her talk about her, you can immediately see the admiration she has for her and the pride she takes in being her granddaughter.

      Odette was the grandmother of nine grandchildren.

      She was a strong, cultured woman who traveled the world to accompany her husband on trips, but especially during which she took the opportunity to meet women from different cultures in which she was passionately interested and through which she nourished her desire to always learn more and grow from these experiences.

      In the 1970's she bought her house in the Ardennes in Journal and decided to place a flock of sheep there. She decided to take care of them, to shear them and to not throw anything away, she developed numerous wall tapestries in wool.

      In this line, after 10 years of styling with other designers, Séverine started to create a brand... in wool of course. Pure, high quality knits with Odette's signature jewelry.

      Séverine has learned so much from her; an example to follow. She taught her to really open her eyes to the world, to always be lively and that with class and temperament.

      This first name Odette, majestic and in the image of this great lady and the whole universe that surrounds her symbolized in the project not only to pay tribute to her but to make live what she embodied: Around Mrs. O.