About us

Our Story

We are a shopping platform that brings the world to you—your only destination to shop-by-city, at home. Our Founders have a shared passion for travel, discovery, and supporting entrepreneurs worldwide. In our world travels, we've been fortunate to discover the best brands, shops, and artisans you only discover through intimately traveling a city. We bring the essence of travel shopping and discovery to an online platform.

We are creating a space to travel to any destination you've dreamed of or long to return to.

Kelly and Molly were connected for their dear friend Yasmin, of Behind Her Empire, and their missions and visions aligned immediately.

Our Mission

We are the go-to partner for businesses abroad to scale and be discovered. We believe in slow fashion, learning the story behind brands, and connecting the world to talented creators. We believe entrepreneurs should be celebrated and that customers want to know the face, ethos, and meaning behind every purchase. We believe your connection, meaning, and thoughtfulness are the way of the future, regardless of travel.

Our mission is to help brands abroad reach a greater audience, tell the stories behind the world's best creators, and make scaling easy, efficient, and meaningful.

We look to bring the world closer together and encourage travel, discovery, and sovereignty to our partners and customers.

Let's get going.

Molly and Kelly